"A truly magical dining experience"

Coming to our debut event in Oshkosh? Don't Miss our Valentines Day Dinner Show!

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Join us for two "firsts"! This is the first NSM in Oshkosh! It is also our first Valentines Day Special! The perfect unique romantic night out!  An amazing first date or a wonderful suprise for someone you love!

              $40          Tickets only sold in Advance!​​
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Get your tickets now...before everyone remembers that Valentines day is Feb 14th-RJ

Paloma Modern Mexican

One of the most newest restaurants to Oshkosh, Paloma's shiny fresh interior and their gourmet fusion tacos will show you why they already have so many fans in the Fox Cities.
This is a special dinner featuring all young (but not ALL single) magicians. This will also be the professional debut of Joseph "JP" Pitt. A friend of the show as well as a magican. JP works as a different Kind of entertainer being a Radio DJ/Podcaster for Nash FM. We're happy to welcome JP to the wonderful wold of magic performance! It will also feature the producer of the Show RJ the Magician as the host, and visiting magician Danny Dane; a talented young performer from Green Bay! The night will be packed with great talent.

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Featuring Special Guest: Chris Jones

World class hypnotist Chris Jones has been Dazzling Audiences for years amd is most famous for creating the most shocking moment in America's Got Talent history; He made notorious germiphobe, Howie Mandel shake his hand. The Video went viral and skyrocketed Chris to the very top eschalon of touring performers.
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"Now Serving Magic" is a brand new, never before seen dining experience coming to Wisconsin. 
"NSM" is a unique dinner theater show; a 3 course meal of your choosing at one
of your favorite local restaurants. Not only do you get delicious food but in between each course
a professional magician comes to your table and performs an amazing close up magic set! 
Between each course the performers switch tables, so you get to see at least 3 completely different styles of magic, performed by Wisconsin's top Magicians! Everyone gets a personal unique experience with close up magic happening in your hands. Opening and closing the show will be the host, who will perform a small piece of their stage show to open and close the night! So you get to see a stage magic show as well as 3 different close up magicians in one night! Each month there is 3 differnt magcians and 1 new restarant, so you never see the same show twice.

The Perfect night out with friends or a unique first date, a Delicious 3 course meal, and an AMAZING show for the same price as a normal night out. Now Serving magic is the new event you've been craving and wishing would come to Wisconsin!

Food as amazing as the magic and magic as amazing as the food. Join us for a brand new dining experience!​

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Previous partnerships

Over the last 6 months we have had the honor of partnering with several restaurants in the fox cities and we look foreward to partnering with many more!

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